January 10, 2018

This video grabbed my soul and shook it. Watch it so you can understand why and see how it makes you feel.


Part of me hates that I keep on reminding myself of how short life is and how we never know how much time we do have, even though we live like it'll last forever.


Our grandparents were once the same age as you and I are now, and if you ask them they'll probably tell you that it feels like yesterday, and that they still feel like they're 21. This is  because time really does fly, especially when you're pre-occupied. One day you wake up and your legs won't be working the same as they once did, so don't take a single thing for granted. 


The other part of me is glad that I constantly remind myself of this truth; how precious time is & how we need to be doing what we love with whatever amount of time we have - and only God knows how much time this is. Lessons like these forcefully ground us back into the moment and put everything into perspective & make us re-focus our attention to what the most important things are right now. The present moment is the only moment we have - so appreciate it - fully. It's easier said than done but once you consciously think about this every time your mind runs backwards to regret or forwards worry, flip the switch in your mind and bring yourself back to the NOW and think about what it is in that moment you are either enjoying or that you are grateful for. Habits dictate your reality so you can live a life that is more present if you do this.


Time is the one thing that currency cannot buy. Take advantage of knowledge, minimise regret by seeking happiness in every single day. Plan for a future that excites you yes, but don't get too caught up in the future that you're no longer enjoying the present. They call it the 'present' for a reason. 







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