February 3, 2018

Until it starts sinking in... then listen to it a lot more after that. 


1. Don't make excuses like you don't have 'the time' or whatever it is! This is something that if you grasp, will change your life. Of course you will have to become really clear about what your goals are first, make a plan of action, then do the things you know you should do in order to achieve them! And these will be small daily things that may seem insignificant however compounded over time will result in massive change. Listening to this EVERY SINGLE DAY for a period of a month helped me so much. I downloaded it to my iPhone & would listen to it on the commute to work or home, walking to the gym, on my lunch break whilst drinking my cup of coffee, in the bath, cooking dinner, cleaning the house - ANYTIME so don't use the 'no time' as an excuse. We all have the same 24hours in the day. Remember that we choose to make time for the things that matter or that are important to us. 


2. It's the simple things. Happiness is a choice, it doesn't just happen, you have to choose to be happy. Remember that 'lazy feelings' are the biggest killers of what we really want & are constantly at work to try to set us back in our goals. Don't give in to them. For example do you feel like going to the gym every single day/5 times a week? Most people would say no they don't feel like it. I have days when I'm like 'YES LET'S GO, NEW YEAR, NEW ME, NEW LEGGINGS'!!! I also have days like today when I just sit in my pink dressing gown staring out the window, as if possessed by an evil entity, occasionally with enough energy to lift my mug of caramel flavoured coffee to sip, all the while thinking to myself 'it's just TOO COLD and TOO WET outside, there's NO WAY I'm leaving the house today, sorry summer body goals, maybe next year or summin' BYYYYYYEEEEE!!'. 


Then I remember what Mel Robbins says. Waiting to 'feel ready' or 'feel motivated' is never going to happen. The things we make excuses for & tell ourselves, in order to make us feel better about not doing the things we know we should, in order to get the results that we most want. Remember it's all a big lie. It's like having your enemy on one side of your shoulder constantly trying to jeopardise you in achieving your dreams. You are your competition - mentally, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning!


3. This will work for any goal you can think of. Something important to understand is that in order to be happy & feel like life is worth something, you need to become very clear about your goals & what you need to be doing every day to inch you further towards them. However, when you have goals and then your behaviour is contradictory to them - it's highly likely that you'll be very unhappy. You know what you need to do, to get what you want, to feel good about yourself, to have more money, to have a better relationship but... you choose to do the opposite, because by default - it's easier, you expire less energy because it's what you know how to do so well. Ask yourself one thing - If I keep on going this way for the next week, month, year, decade, will it really be EASIER for me in the end? Stop setting yourself up for a life you know won't please you. FORCE YOURSELF.


Each action you take from moment to moment, day by day, week to week and so on... will over time compound (build up) and leave you with the life you have created for yourself. Make sure your actions align with the life you want for yourself. 





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