January 1, 2018



Ask yourself this - 'If this was my last day alive, would I be satisfied to spend my day doing what I'm about to be doing?' For most of us, if this is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this would be working our 9-5 job that pays our bills. If it is a Saturday or Sunday you may actually be enjoying your 'day off' doing something with friends or family, or simply relaxing around the house being lazy, watching endless Netflix & eating pizza. Either is fine by the way. Sometimes we need & deserve this kinda day.


I asked myself this question a few days ago after listening to this video on Youtube as I was sitting on my bedroom floor, painting my tired face in make-up just like I do 5 days out of 7, at 7am with my large cup of coffee, looking for a little bit of morning enlightenment before trekking off to work - and yes I do mean trekking; I take 2 buses and a ferry just to get to work every day, in total 2-3 hours of my day spent on commuting a journey I do not particularly enjoy to a job that I don't find particularly fulfilling and don't feel valued at. I immediately knew what my answer would be without even thinking about it for more than a few seconds. NO WAY IN HELL. I would absolutely not be satisfied with this repetitive, unfulfilling day that I have been repeating for the past 18 months. Then it got me thinking...


Why am I settling for this as my reality? Being a huge believer in doing what makes you happy, I was doing exactly what was making me feel the opposite. What could I do everyday instead that would make me feel satisfied & accepting if this were to be my final day alive? Because the beauty of life is that it's short and each day could potentially be our last (depressing but it's the truth), therefore why do so many of us treat our lives like it's a dress rehearsal to prepare ourselves for the real show? We always seem to be waiting for 'the right time' or 'until I've saved a bit of money' or whatever excuse it is you tell yourself. When in actual fact, the show has long started, and time is only passing with every unhappy commute.


Growing up is nice and retiring is nice, but what about all the years in between? We spend approximately 50 years of our lives working. The most important thing is to spend this time doing what you love and that makes you feel excited to wake up in the morning. I feel as a society we are constantly wishing our time away, waiting for Friday to come, dreading Monday as we have to put up with another 'unbearable' week. We live in this repetitive, negative, viscous circle mode until we die. Make sure you are happy with your life. If you're not then do something about it. Sometimes in life, you NEED to get to your lowest point and feel greatly unhappy, because that is where change starts. It is forced, it is exciting and above all else it is freeing if you take action. Even in the most uncertain of times in our lives when we feel like shit - this is actually the moment to recognise, feel grateful for and welcome it in cause this is when life gets really exciting - when you take action!


You've got to do different, to get different. 




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